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Please review our offerings and see what feels right for you at this time. If you are not sure where to start; please call and let’s have a conversation. We have helped thousands of people in all walks of life and in virtually every continent. We can help you take your life and your career to significant levels of joy.   

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Designed to help you transcend a problem or a situation that you might be dealing with, to get a second opinion or just mastermind a solution.  You can schedule a call last minute and see if we are available or schedule a session in advance.

Don’t suffer alone anymore. We are here for you. Do not let distance and location prevent you from getting the help you need today; domestic or international.  We have helped people in Australia, Japan, Indian, Brazil, Argentina, Europe and all over the USA.  Psychic healing can help you address any situation you might be dealing with; whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.

We help people transcend pain and suffering with these and other situations; Depression, Loneliness, PTSD, Sudden or Ongoing illness, Post Surgery Recovery, Loss of a job & Career Change, Relationship issues, Death of a loved one, Need for Spiritual Guidance, Need for Life Coaching

To schedule a session (apprx 20-30 mins) 
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Life happens and the life of a business executive can be very lonely. We offer customized coaching programs to help you take your life and your business to the next level. Life can be challenging but you “Still” need to live and to make the best out of life itself. It is as simple as that. You might find yourself in a situation that warrants you seek outside help to get through a tough time or teach you specialized skills and strategies needed to get you to the next phase of life. Notice the trend – It’s not one or the other. It’s about fulfilling on your business obligations AND addressing the needs of your heart i.e.; living a good life. You are a spiritual being going through a human experience. We believe that all business is personal and your customers expect you be authentic with them.

The Life Coaching programs are offered through the following courses.

  • 90 Day Program called the Basic Course
  • 6 month Program called the Advance Course
  • 1 Year Program called the Annual Program

Schedule a session to see if this program is right for you:
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Through the years we have conducted workshops and retreats all over the US and in several countries throughout the world ranging from Japan to Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Luxembourg.  If you are interested in helping us put a workshop together for your people please contact us.

Here are photos some from past events.

Cincinnati 2014 -

Indianapolis  2013 -

Retreat - Navajo Nation 2013 -

Tokyo, Japan 2013 -

Retreat - Navajo Nation 2012 -

The early years -



Paul D'Souza I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom, guidance and insight this past week into my very expensive, long drawn out, 31-month very complicated legal battle. I know we have just begun but your lessons will be remembered long after this war is won. Your no-nonsense approach ignited a fire in me while I was playing Russian Roulette this last week with a very serious matter. As I am doing my Victory Mama Dance right now, I just want you to know, your wisdom was instrumental in shifting my perspective and outlook in my negotiations …… THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! YOUR BRILLIANCE ROCK’S PAUL DSOUZA ! FUTURE THANKS FROM MY LITTLE BOY. You will never know how your brilliance has impacted my little boy’s future! Gracias!
Michelle - Single Mother & Business Owner, Montreal, Canada 

Benefits I got since working with Paul; - I can say it out loud it is impossible to describe all the benefits or joy that came along to my life!! (Ahahaha!) 1. I raised my Chi level and started conquering the darkness (entities in nightmares and negativities), and became not afraid (but rather excited) of diving into Unknowns. 2. I gained mindfullness skills and started choosing a way towards a meaningful life 3. I live heart-centered and connect with heart-centered people, beings, including my partner. Have a powerful day in the ranch, Paul!
Hiroki Fujii,  Australia 

These are the benefits me and my family have experienced. Thank you.

  1. Improved and strengthened spousal relationship leading to harmony in family life. – My husband came to you as a boy and you sent him back to me as a Man.
  2. Improvement in physical health.
  3. Ability to handle stress at work and not be affected by it.

Hetal Kushwaha, Cincinnati 

Paul demonstrates that he is THE expert in combining the philosophy of mind, body, and spirit with the superior knowledge and action of a powerful business strategy.  This combination is revealed and practiced at the retreat.  It will change you for the better and change your life forever.
Michael Miller - Denver, CO 

Paul, it is my pleasure to share the benefits we got from working with you.

  • Learned the importance of calming your mind and being in touch with the spirit through meditation.
  • Having been healed from some of the major (conscious and unconscious) woundings from the past, which had immediate positive impacts on living the current life to the fullest.
  • Acquiring the forever 'soul' family!! to share, encourage, and care about each other's life and life journeys.

You are just Awesome! We love you!
Sayaka Ramathal – June 2016, Erlanger KY

I just spent an enlightening 50 minutes with you on your Call. It is a wonderful experience. Thanks for a great effort from you to get the message across to benefit us. I really liked the emphasis you gave on how to combine the various values of life and channel it oneself while connecting with the divine spirit. And bringing out the importance of meditation and yogic practices provides extra reinforcement to our efforts to make this journey easier. I look forward to your upcoming calls with Paul. Thanks once again Paul 
Subbu - Singapore

Paul brought tremendous harmony and peace to me and my family at a very difficult time along with laughter and the delights of Indian cuisine. Our healing journey continues. Paul is not a miracle worker. He lets miracles work." 
Randolfo R. Pozos, Ph.D., M.P.H. Business Consultant, Santa Cruz CA 

"Meeting Paul was a very gratifying experience. His charisma and joy, along with his sweetness and deep concepts made me go deeper inside my own cure". 
Luiz Henreque - Sao Paulo - Brazil