Let Paul D'Souza help you find your joy.

Paul D’Souza’s work is centered in Love, Spiritual Awareness, Self Awareness, Practical Psychology and Linguistics.  It is designed to help you live a life of Joy, Peace and Balance. It will help you raise your awareness of who you are and what is truly important to you.  It is about integrating Mind, Body and Spirit WITH the world you live in; to create harmony in every aspect of your life.

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Energy Work

Access the power of energy work to help you balance your life so you can experience joy.

Spiritual Life Coaching

We offer structured programs to help you with Personal Realization.  Shift happens.


We offer retreats to help you reconnect with and rejuvenate the spirit within. 

Phone Counseling

You don't have to suffer any longer - get on the Phone or on Skype today.

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