To help people find their joy.

The Wha-Dho Institute is an educational organization dedicated to the Spiritual Growth and Personal Development of its students. The Wha-Dho Institute conducts personal counseling, events, workshops and retreats to teach people how to live harmonious lives in the areas of Health, Wealth and Personal Relationships. The Wha-Dho Institute will use the teachings of the Wha-Dho Philosophy as its main body of knowledge. All profits from the programs offered through the Institute will be used to further educate people.

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Paul D'Souza - Founder

Paul started his journey of studying human awareness in 1990. He studied practical Psychology, Linguistics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Breath Work, Christian Spirituality, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, Economics and many more subjects that contribute to the human experience.  He his an energy healer and has dedicated to his life to helping people live fulfilling lives that are filled with Joy. Paul has done his work all over the US, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Luxembourg and has noticed that the fundamentals of the human experience are consistent across the globe. 

Paul also helps business teams operate at Peak Performance through his consulting business http://www.pauldsouza.com/

The Wha-Dho Institute is a registered 501(c)(3) Non- Profit Organization.

Shino D'Souza - Director

Shino D'Souza is a Life Coach and the Director of The Wha-Dho Institute helping students primarily in Japan.  She focuses her work on helping our Japanese students leverage the principles of The Way Of Harmony to live happy lives that are filled with love, passion and an increased sense of accomplishment.  She worked at Polo Ralph Lauren for over 10 years as a Public Relations Manager and is very familiar with the stresses and strains of living in one of the largest cities in world while working with one of the largest companies in the world.

Having been a student and a practitioner of the Wha-Dho Philosophy for over 15 years;  Shino now brings these combined experiences to help her students recreate their lives based on their truth and spiritual awareness.  Like Paul, she believes that inspired people lead better lives and is committed to helping her students do the same.

Learn more about Shino's work at - http://shinodsouza.com

Wha-Dho is a Japanese word that means ... “The Way of Harmony”

Wha-Dho is designed to help you move powerfully in society, irrespective of what is going on in the market place. It is grounded in action and in helping you integrate Mind, Body, Spirit with the world around you. The Wha-Dho Philosophy has 9 Pillars that you can leverage to live powerfully.  Learn to use them well.


Learn to “Listen" to your inner voice and what is really important to you in the silence of your own heart.

With this new sense of listening, "Become Aware" of the pain and suffering as well as the Joy and Happiness you experience in life.

Transition & Healing.
With self-awareness you will "Transition” away from things that causes you pain and suffering giving you the space to engage with activity that bring you Joy and Happiness.

Alignment With Truth.
With your newfound awareness and presence of Joy and Happiness in your life, you will begin to align with your truth and design action that supports a life of Authenticity and Power.

The Principle of Purpose.
What do you want to accomplish?
This step specifies the end result for which you will act. It creates the foundation for everything else to follow.

The Principle of Prosperity.
How much money do you want to make?
What are you financial requirements to fulfill on your Ultimate Goal, your purpose?

The Principle of Process.
What set of actions will you take to win?
With your clear sense of Purpose and your understanding of how much Money you want to make, you can begin to design a strategy / processes to accomplish your goals. 

The Principle of People.
Who will support you in your process? Who are the people in your life? Do they support you?  Do they hurt your success? Choose your friends and partners well. Choose who you play with.

The Principle of Practical Leadership.
My favorite principle! It suggests you help all the people that you have enrolled in your narrative of life fulfill on their life purpose. This way you tap in the principle of Reciprocity and will begin to celebrate benefits of loyalty, support and commitment from employees, customers, partners and vendors.

The Fundamental Idea of Wha-Dho

Functionally we believe we have choices...
On how we live your life.
On how we interact with people around you.
On the jobs or business organizations we work in.

Living your dream-life “Requires” that you …
Be clear about what you want to accomplish.
Know how much money you need to live.
Have a revenue generation strategy that works.

Meditation ... Is the only way to increase ones awareness of one's truth.
Learn how to meditate so you can Interpret the whispers of your heart.

You will notice you really have no choice
In how you live your life once you access the spirit within.

We call this no separation ... Welcome to Wha-Dho.